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Entering Into And Staying In Romania

Citizens of the following Countries do NOT need an entry visa for stays up to 90 days (within a 180 day period) each calendar year. As always, a valid passport is required for all overseas visitors UNLESS you are an EU visitor. EU visitors can enter with either a valid passport or National Identity Card.

Please keep in mind that your passport must also be valid for at least 90 days from your intended departure from Romania. In other words you must be exiting Romania with at least 90 valid days remaining.

If you plan on staying in Romania for more than the 90 day timeframe, you’ll need to contact the local passport office in Romania or a Consulate of Romania to obtain a new, or extend your standard visa/stay. We explore the residency process in depth here.

If you are a citizen of a country other than the aforementioned, you’ll need to verify the entry requirements set forth for your country. You can find this full list via the Romanian Ministry Of Foreign Affairs.

At this time, Romania does NOT impose an entry or exit tax/fee.

Flying into Bucharest? Learn more about Otopeni airport in our “Getting To Romania By Air” section.

At this time Romania requires no immunizations nor are any unusual health precautions required prior to entry.

Romania has good medical facilities, and further information please visit our section on Medical Services.

Good To Know:

Bringing Pets? You’ll need a Veterinary Health Certificate and a proof of rabies vaccination no older than six months. No translation is needed.

Customs Regulations Are As Follows:
If you’re traveling with any amount over 10,000 Euros you’ll have to declare it with customs. Other items to declare at customs include art objects, historic artifacts, weapons, ammunition, explosive materials, as well as toxic and hazardous substances. More Information Regarding Customs.

By the way, the tap water from the faucet is safe to drink here in Romania, but if you feel more comfortable there are a wealth of Bottled Water Brands in Romania from which you may choose.

Getting Your Residency In Romania

What We've Found Based On Our Experience

First step – Find the category you fit in via The General Inspectorate for Immigration –

It is very important you apply via the correct category in order to ensure the success of your petition, and more important the unnecessary stress

As a UE/EEA/Swiss Confederation citizen or family member of one, you will still need to register your residency if you decide to stay over 3 months, providing certain documents depending on the reasons of your stay in the country.


Professional activities
– standard form
– identity card or passport (original and copy);
– proof of the fact that the applicant has the capacity to carry out the professional activity – authorization or permit (original and copy) issued under the special law;
– taxes

Family members (EU/EEA/Swiss Confederation citizens)
–  standard form
– identity card or passport (original and copy);
– copy of the identity card/travel document and copy of the document certifying the residence on the national territory of the European Union citizen;
–  civil sttaus document certifying the marriage or, as applicable, documents certifying the family relationship with the resident;
– proof of means of support;
– proof health insurance
– taxes

Economic activities
– standard form;
– identity card or passport (original and copy);
– proof of the fact that the applicant has the capacity to carry out the economic activity under the conditions laid down by GEO no. 44/2008 as further amended and supplemented – Confirmation of company details issued by O.N.R.C. (original and copy);
– taxes

As a  non-EU citizen you will also choose the category that fits your situation. In case you have any doubt about which is the appropriate category for you, don’t hesitate to contact the Immigration service.

Further we will go over  a general list of requirements, that usually fit most the cases,
–  Standard forms that contain general information about the immigrant
–  Passport  in original and  copies  – first page  and entrance visa page
– proof of your means of subsistence  (find out the appropriate amount depending on your category)
– Rental contract in your name of the location you’re using at the present moment or proof of property ownership in original and copy
– Proof of social medical insurance
– Medical certificate. – taxes (find out the appropriate ones depending on your category)
-taxes (find the appropriate ones on your category)

Need Residency Assistance? Ask Us Now...

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In order to get your proof of medical insurance we advise you to look up the website of the Medical Insurance House of Bucharest There are a few locations, but the one that accepts this petition is the one on Gheorghe Titeica, nr  142, Pipera area.

Before going  ,make sure you go to a notary, and if you don’t speak Romanian you will need a translator,   ask about the creation of  a formal document that ensures you haven’t had a Romanian a formal Id card or any form of registration on the Romanian territory  in the past 5 years,  as well no financial earnings,
We advise you to take your time to find a good notary that partners with translators, if done in hurry , you can easily spend more money than such service is accounted for,.
As per 2013 you should be paying around 40 euros total.
Once having the notary statement and the copy of your passport , plus a copy of your entry visa, y find out the right schedule for the location of the medical insurance place,
and arrived,  go to level 1 of the building , and find the appropriate desk via the sector you live in
They will give you  what its called here a  ” Facultative medical insurance”- Romanian- asigurare medicala facultativa, which is a receipt of the actual payment you make regarding it, as per 2013 it costs 179 lei.
The amounts are always changing, so the best is  to check before going there, considering it can take a substantial amount of time once you arrive.

For the medical certificate  we advise you to  to any hospital, preferably one you have used before and you got comfortable to,  if you don’t know one well,, a good recommendation is the Medical Center “Dr Victor Babes”  ,
Ask at the reception  about getting a medical certficate for residence permit – Romanian – Certificat medical pentru prelungire viza.
You will get various tests done in the  general medicine area, and psychiatry.
The certificate has to be an original with the appropriate stamps , ensures that the person does not have contagious diseases, basically nothing that can be dangerous to the public health.
The cost depends on the hospital you will be using, you should expect to pay less than 100 euros, but more than 50.

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