Yoraan Rafael

A Professional Photographer Specialising In Photo Tours Of Buchrest And Romania

Yoraan is originally from Mumbai, India, where he also lived until 2005. His first camera was a Zenith, a little too heavy for the arms of a 9 year-old, borrowed from his father. This camera was followed by others, more professional, but nothing replaced the enthusiasm and positive energy that determines Yoraan to search for new subjects, frames, emotions and reactions.


Yoraan travelled the world and collected unique images and sensations from all the places he’s been. Unlike most photographers, who are happy to get a nice pic of a tourist spot, Yoraan is trying to capture a feeling, a memory, a unique detail.

Yoraan Rafael Signature DarkThe favorite aspect of his activity is, by far, working with people. As a photographer, Yoraan feels truly accomplished when he succeeds to capture a family event, create a family album or capture the personality of a client who requested a portrait. Yoraan feels equally at ease in the middle of a wedding with hundreds of guests, as well as face to face with a single individual.   This can be seen in the way he photographs – the attention given to facial expressions, gestures and rituals. www.YoraanRafael.com

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