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15 EUR – 1 session (2 -3 hours)

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The Idea
Smart Escape Room in Bucharest is one of the two escape rooms available in the city. It has been founded by 5 friends. The idea comes originally from Singapore – as Claudia, one of the team members told us. They prepared two games – cell and communist bureau headquarters. We experienced the cell and felt goosebumps. This is big emotional adventure, seriously. This is alternative to watching action movies for kinesthetics. Once 3D action and horror movies become boring for you, this is the next level of experiencing plots.

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Added value to life
Game escalated our logical thinking to the next level. We had to find smart ways and clues to be able to escape from the cell. This is useful training for incorporates and entrepreneurs. If you have never experienced escape rooms – this is must do.

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We do not offer any discounts for Smart Escape Room at this time.

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Anytime. You book on website below.

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