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Home made burger – 5 EUR
Swimming pool access – 7 EUR (mid-week), 14 EUR (weekend)

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The Idea
Piscina Floresca is uniqe hybrid of restaurant and swimming pool. It has been created for relaxation (unlike Diamond swimming pool – made rather for partying). This place has been started by two brothers who have been in HORECA and entertainment industry for last 12 years. Previously brothers were organizing electronic music events. They like to do family business and to keep friends involved. “This is our success factor” – Andra, PR manager told me. Managers make sure to continuously organize new events – as jazz evening and movies night has recently just happened. The place is situated on former ice skate ring. Previously poor area of the city, currently the opposite. On the spot there is first burger delivery in Romania called Burgerz – owned by brothers as well

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Added value to life
• Relaxation (silent, pleasurable)
• Networking (quality people who are not trying to impress)

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Summer days


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