Dean Edgar

Your English Partner In Romania

There are a few words that would describe Dean to you, and might be of interest to you. Words like, patient, dedicated, committed, attentive, one that understands Romania and how it works. He has an exemplary easiness with people he meets and challenges that he is presented with. Because he is an eclectic person in every sense of the word, it makes him extremely adaptable to mostly everything, and so able to manage, meet, introduce, solve, in one word, network perfectly.

Ten years ago when Dean first visited Bucharest, Romania, he promptly  fell in love with the place, which you do so easily.  When the opportunity arose, he moved  here five years ago and started the Moorcroft Company. Because of all his qualities, Dean started a company in which he could use all of them, and so, through the years, perseverance, dedication, and connections, he has become quite possibly the best solution for any, or all expats that want to come over here, or already are here, in this beautiful, challenging, extraordinary country. He is now able to accommodate any residence, permits, visas, accommodation, relocation, insurance, company setup, vehicle importation & registration, marketing, sales, administration, and any legal challenge that the Romanian Government might throw at us guys for there fun…

Give him a call, he can help, fix things, make doors open and is extremely helpful inside and outside business, and we are proud to be his partner here Bucharest Expat at  in Bucharest Romania.

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