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My name is Damian Galvin, and I’ve been living in Romania since 2007. I left the UK permanently finally in December 2007 after a 4 year love affair with Romania. In the years 2003-2007, I spent as many as 50 days each year here. Initially, just taking volunteer construction teams over to renovate various charitable institutions’ premises and later to build my own country house. I also borrowed heavily in the UK; such was the fashion, to invest in Romanian Real Estate.

Damian-Galvin-Romania-242x300Finally, unable to get Romania out of my mind, I decided to take a sabbatical from my dream job (since childhood) of 12 years at Aston Martin as a car design manager in order to move to Brasov to both take care of my own property portfolio and to build a property management & real estate business, i.e. White Mountain Property. Between 2008-2013, I only spent short blasts of time in Bucharest while for example, renovating or renting a client’s property. Maybe 30-50 days per year but none spent socially. I would simply come down with a team, work 5-7 days, sleep on floors of unfurnished flats until ready & return to Brasov when finished. Many of these are shown on a popular video site. Slowly, as our UK, Irish, Dutch etc. client numbers grew tired of their relations with their respective property management companies (missing rent, bad tenants etc. etc.), I would inherit new properties to manage.

In 2013, it got to be one or more new property to manage per month. In 2014, it was even more. So finally in April 2014 I opened second office in Bucharest complete with a new Sales & Rental team and started to get more involved in social life. Now, I spend 70% of my time in Bucharest. I discovered that I am a workaholic & even when I don\’t have pressing work to do, I find myself burning midnight oil growing some apart of the business or other or working on a client’s property. In property management, there is always something to be done. I have a wide & varied practical background but centered on all things motorbikes & cars before I came to Romania. I have never been without a motorbike since I was 14yo. I love cars, I even teach advanced performance driving on a consultancy basis. In my early days at Aston Martin Lagonda cars, I was a junior kind of Stig, or test driver and have 5 advanced driving permits ranging from track racing to performance road driving. I still love dance (club, tango, Latin and even Irish & Ballroom). I used to really enjoy boxing and kick boxing, until I got knocked clean out by a spinning back kick in a competition that left me badly concussed, unable to find my own car in the car park afterwards, which made me rethink my mortality somewhat. I still dabble in charity work but not as much, I spend time each year supporting a forgotten mental hospital in Vulcan, near Codlea, which I find rewarding. This has involved renovation, installing music radios in all of the 24 dorms, Christmas parties every year & promoting visiting by caring locals and volunteers. I also welcome other expats to get involved should you wish. My 4 year sabbatical expired in 2011 & I have no plans to return to the UK yet.

White-Mountain-logoI would like to grow White Mountain in Bucharest to be a the leading residential property management company, as it is in Brasov. I have grown the team from 5 to 9 staff, but am still hiring to meet the growing rental and sales needs of Bucharest and Brasov. I am proud to say that the ethics and attitude of the team bears no resemblance to any of our competitors and for this reason, existing clients are able to trust us implicitly to find them exactly what they need at a fair price. As a professional Engineer, I am used to offering a judgment on something based on facts & data, not on a sales pitch. This is the starting point of what we do at White Mountain Property. Solutions based on genuine data, not hype.

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