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Hello, I’m Alistair. I first came to Romania (specifically Bucharest) about a decade ago. I had sold a vast stake in my family business, a horticultural centre in Scotland, and decided to re-invest the funds. Opportunity led me to Bucharest, where I became a principle in the chain of restaurants here known as Snack-Attack. From a business stand-point, this proved to be an interesting investment, but ultimately something that didn’t quite pan out; probably a concept that was a bit ahead of its’ time for an emerging market like Bucharest. Supplying many petrol stations and markets, as well as running a local bakery to supply the chains with fresh ingredients, gave me a thorough understanding of the ins and outs of business life in Bucharest.

Alistair-On-KTM-In-AFI-Mall-BucharestOne of my passions is motor sports. I was an accomplished really driver back home, and in addition to the cars I loved the bikes as well. I decided to open a shop in Bucharest over in Pipera called Moto-Mania. Here, we offered KTM’s, Vespas, Piaggio, and more to what was a definite market here in Bucharest. We also had a repair facility on-site. The shop is no longer in existance – it had a great run – and I’ve reinvested funds into another business…

Today, I divide my time between Romania and the UK. It’s hard to argue with the amazingly reasonable cost of living in Bucharest (and Romania as a Country) as well as the mixture of “old and new” both architecturally and psychologically within Romania. My current business, UK Offers Direct, allows me to leverage my time spent in the UK selling refurbished and out of season stock on the internet, and of course roll those funds into a great lifestyle while I’m in Bucharest. Oh yeah… I’m also a writer for Bucharest Expat!

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As mentioned, I’ve begun a web business that specialises in products that give me the freedom to travel back and forth between Bucharest and the United Kingdom. Bucharest is slowly becoming a place where one can create their “dream lifestyle and income” but until that point, I’ll earn outside the country and enjoy myself within the country. Check out my websites:

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