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Enjoying The Great Outdoors In The Capitol City

Around The Lake At Parcul Herestrau

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Our Favourite Parks

Bucharest Expat's Park Selection Ordered By Geographical Size And Number Of Amenities

Our Favourite Bucharest Parks Part I

IOR – Alexandru Ioan Cuza Coordinates:44.42359, 26.152117 Central-East ,sector 3 Cose to: Titan, Dristor, Socului Area: 85 HA

To enjoy: lake, tables, boat rides, children playground, tennis court, basketball court,football court, skating ring, bicycle tracks, chess tables,wild birds, restaurants and cafe shops Mostly liked for: wild birds, tiny lake islands, cleanness

Circul de Stat Park Coordinates:44.4573167, 26.1109222 Situated around the Circus, sector 2 Close to: Stefan Cel Mare, Lizeanu Area: 26 HA

To enjoy: Lake, fitness equipment, wild birds, dog playgrounds, ping-pong, picnic tables, rare plants, children playgrounds, football court Mostly liked for: impressive rare plants collection, reptiles, dedicated space for dogs

Carol Park Coordinates:44.4112944, 26.0967528 Situated in sector 4, Tineretului Close to: Marasesti, Dimitrie Cantemir Area: 29 HA

To enjoy: The astronomical Institute, mausoleum, Technical museum, sculptures, dog playground, cafe shops, football court, lake, picnic tables, restaurants, children playground, basketball court, WIFI Mostly liked for: historical place, educational recreation

The Botanical Gardens Coordinates:44.4379, 26.0636472 Cotroceni, sector 6 Close to: Splaiul Independentei, Palatul Cotroceni Area: 17,5 HA

To enjoy: Botanical museum, rare plants, Herbart, lake, rare birds, greenhouse Mostly liked for: plant lovers

Tineretului Park Coordinates:44.407525, 26.1055972 Tineretului, sector 4 Close to: Dimitrie Cantemir,Piata Unirii Area: 200 HA

To enjoy: lake, fitness equipment, chess tables, minigolf, ski path, pool, karting court, restaurants, children playground, horseback riding, cafe shops, basketball court,tennis court, skating ring, bicycle rental, bicycle tracks, ping-pong tables, picnic tables, dedicated kids area – “Kids town”,wild birds, little train rides, dog playground, barbecue area, motocross, WIFI Mostly liked for: activities for all members of the family

Our Favourite Bucharest Parks Part II

Herastrau Park Coordinates:44.4705972, 26.0824056 North, Prezan Constantin, Sos Kiseleff, sector 1 Close to: Aviatoriilor, Sos Nordului Area: 187 HA

To enjoy: fitness equipment, library, art expo, sculptures, bicycle rental, bicycle tracks,picnic tables, ping-pong tables,museums, dedicated kids area – “Kids town”, pool, rare birds,karting, children playground, hidrobus rentals,summer theater, golfing area, basketball court, restaurants, WIFI, Japanese garden, cinema, lake, chess tables, minigolf, graffiti area, skating ring, boat rides, little train rides, football court, reading room Mostly liked for: activity for all family members

Cismigiu Park Coordinates: 44.43791694, 26.09034111 Center, Bdul Regina Elisabeta, Schitu Magureanu, sector 5 Close to: Universitate, Area: 16 HA

To enjoy: Japanese garden, chess tables,skating ring,graffiti area,rare plants, hidrobicycle rentals,dog playground, cafe shops,lake, picnic tables,wild birds, bicycle tracks, boat rides, restaurants,children playground, WIFI Mostly liked for: close to schools, known for study area, student recreation

Izvor Park Coordinates:44.431872, 26.08754 Natiunile Unite, Splaiul Independentei, sector 5 Close to: People’s Palace Area: 17 HA

To enjoy:fitness equipment, ping-pong tables, dedicated kids area, graffiti area, dog playground,children playground, basketball court, football court, Mostly liked for: location, quick recreation from the city traffic

Drumul Taberei Park – Moghioros Coordinates:44.420333, 26.031654 Drumul Taberei, sector 6 Close to: Lujerului, Plaza Romania Area: 30 HA

To enjoy: fitness equipment, ping pong tables, chess tables, picnic tables, dedicated kids area, wild birds, skating ring, bicycle tracks, boat rides,hidrobicyle rentals,restaurants, dog playground,children playground, pool,summer theater,cafe shops,tennis court, WIFI Mostly liked for: dedicated children area

Parcul Herestrau BucurestiHerestrau Park BucharestCismigiu Park And Gardens BucharestThe Fountains At Cismigiu Gardens Bucharest Parks

Activities And Entertainment

From Dancing To Karting, Piano Lessons To Pottery, Bucharest Has Something For Everyone

Our Favourite Bucharest Activities Part I

http://www.k-sport.ro/ Alea Cascadelor Nr 21 Sector 6 0214900034 Offers: aqua gym, ballet, dance, salty gym, zumba, fencing, ski, team building, karate, swimming, hydrotherapy,pilates , fitball, aerobic, cardio dance

http://www.startdancing.ro/ 0723 59 89 40 0722 51 33 15 Offers: samba, cha-cha, rumba, salsa, passo-doble, jive, waltz, tango, quick-step, slow-fox

http://www.danseazasalsa.ro/ 0744 822 247 / 0722 614 720 Offers: salsa, bachata, merengue, styling, cha-cha, kizomba, rueda de casino, argentinian tango, group dance, waltz

http://consabor.ro/ Ionel Perlea nr. 8 sector 1 0727 373 711 Offers: salsa, kizomba, bachata, argentinian tango, contemporary dance, cha-cha, merengue, rueda de casino, reggaeton

http://www.csstriumf.ro/ Str. Dr. Primo Nebiolo nr. 2, Bucureşti  sector 1 021 319 09.79; 021.311 08.83 Offers: athletic sports, canoeing, aerobic, artistic gymnastics, ritmic gymnastics, hockey, kaiac-canoe, swimming, skating, polo, rugby, water jumps, fencing, shooting gallery

http://www.pescariusports.ro/en Str Goldeni nr 3, sector 2 0730 900 044 0730 900 040 Offers: aqua gym, fitness, group fitness, cycling, kinesis, squash, pool, tennis, football, massage, spa, kids playground, lounge bar

http://www.vivasportclub.ro Sos. Oltenitei, Nr. 103, sect.4 021.332.22.47 Offers: aerobic, cycling, kangoo jumps, fitness, table tennis, massage , sauna , solar,

http://aktivclub.ro/ 0733 86 87 88 – aikido 0745 121 678 – archery 0788 882994 – karate Offers: aikido, karate, archery

http://www.centrulsportivapollo.ro Bd Energeticienilor nr. 5, sector 3 0763.88.77.15 031.437.90.62 Offers: fitness, football, aerobic, modern dance, cheerleading, table tennis, basket ball, crossfit, kangaroo jumps, hand ball, sport dance, massage, sauna

Our Favourite Bucharest Activities Part II

http://www.wu-shu.ro/ Sports area of the Gheorghe Lazar High School, Bd. Regina Elisabeta, Nr. 48, Sector 5, 021 610 20 65 Offers: kung fu, taiji, tai chi

http://www.musicacademy.ro/ Str Capriorilor nr. 5A Eugen Jebeleanu nr. 1 0766.720.490 Offers: piano, guitar, celtic harp, violin, tenor violin, cello, wind instruments, music culture lessons, musical theater,

http://www.brevis.ro Valea Merilor nr 35, sector 1 0723 172 093; 0723 172 094 Offers: blackflote, canto, guitar, chor, piano, music culture lessons, violin, flute, clarinet, saxophone, canto, artistic dance

http://complexsportiv2000.ro/ Str Gabriela Szabo nr 3 – 11 0724 212 978 Offers: swimming, tennis, martial arts, fitness, aerobic, kindergarten, primary school, hotel & restaurant

http://www.lumeapianului.ro Str. Colonel Corneliu Popeia 0727.063.403 Offers: piano lessons

http://www.galeriabasil.ro (www.galeriabasil.ro www.cursuridepictura.ro www.atelieredepictura.ro www.basildesign.ro) Str. Popa Soare nr. 29, Sector 2 0726113494 Offers: drawing, painting, artistic production, pottery art, waxwork

http://www.rembrandtartschool.ro/cursuri Bd Garii de Nord nr  6/8 021 3138 789 / 0722 990 971 Offers: drawing, painting

Other Sports Clubs http://www.pubbing.ro/localuri/bucuresti/cluburi-sportive

Rembrandt Art School BucharestBucharest Expat Teens Pocket GirlHilton Athenee Palace Bucharest Gym And Fitness CenterSalsa fit Romania

Gyms & Fitness Centers

Where To Go To Expend Your Excess Energy

Fitness , pools , and spa treatments usually occupy the same venues here in Bucharest. Check the websites of your interest for additional information. Note: Though many of the centers include specific sports, take note that are many other locations dedicated for a variety of classes. If you decide to take or assist  a specific sport class, we recommend you to take a look at the available classes of the desired area.

Gyms & Extended Fitness Centers

Spa, fitness, aqua gym, aerobic, kids club
Str. I.H. Radulescu nr. 26, Sector 2

fitness, aerobic,cardio, zumba, pool, jacuzzi, sauna, massage, bar, X rays, steam baths,swimming classes, bowling, dance classes, snooker,table tennis, restaurant, kids area
Splaiul Independentei 319B

0725 05 45 22
Bv Iancu de Hunedoara, nr 48,
sector 1 Bucuresti.  Crystal Tower,  14th floor
fitness, aerobic, spa, nutritional evaluation, bar

Splaiul Unirii nr. 168, Sector 4, Asmita Gardens
0729 168 168
0733 168 021
fitness, spinning,aerobic,pool,spa, massage, zumba,pilates,pump,fencing,martial club

Complex Militari Residence, Str. Rezervelor Nr. 72
0770 683 688
aerobic, massage, nutritional evaluation, pool, kids playground with supervisor, fresh bar, sauna, jacuzzi

Bd Vitan Barzesti, nr 7D, Rin Grand Hotel
031106 1160 /0731 111 1130 31 106 1160 | + 40731 111 113
massages, swimming classes, pool,chiropractor, spinning,pool, jacuzzi,sauna

Additional Fitness Centers With Classes

spa, fitness,jacuzzi, sauna, pool,massages

Calea 13 Septembrie nr 251-255, Prosper Plaza, 3rd floor
fitness, aerobic,kangoo jumps,kickboxing,tae bo,pilates, zumba

Calea Plevnei, nr 145P
massage,spa, facial treatments,body treatments,couple therapies,spa rituals, vichy showers,salt room,tepidarium,kneipp showers,auditorium

Just Kids
Calea Mosilor, nr. 158, first floor, sector 2
0727 988 679
chiropractor sessions,baby fitness, baby massage,kids fitness, kids aerobic, kids yoga,psychology center, prego fitness, prego massages

Other Yoga Clubs

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