Charles Scoville – A Man Who Helps Us Earn Money Overseas

Earning money overseas has always been a challenge for expats. Charles Scoville, with a company called Traffic Monsoon, takes a moment to share his thoughts and his business with us in the hopes that we take away something that may be of benefit to us in the realm of earning income abroad.

First and foremost, let’s discuss the best means for many an expat to earn income abroad. This would be the internet. Web based businesses allow many people to be mobile – to be truly free, if you will. The problem is, when the “web” or “internet” is mentioned, many people subconsciously “freak out” and panic as they simply don’t know where to start and how to begin. It’s sort of “pre-complex”. It doesn’t have to be that way.

While this is a very brief article that only scratches the surface of the subject, we will still be able to shed some light on the topic.

Nearly any business that you could conceive of can easily be advertised on the web. If it can be marketed or sold in a bricks-and-mortar business, it can probably be marketed and sold easier online. The best part is, when you’re digital your can go anywhere! You can literally become the “nomad” you’ve always wanted to be (or you can simply pay your bills and make a little extra – all while living where you want).

Setting up a blog and your website is very simple. We’d recommend you take a look at sites like The process for going “online” is relatively straight forward. Within sites like this you’ll be able to learn how to set up your site, do so cost effectively, how to integrate e-stores into your site, and more.

But where does Charles Scoville come into play? Charles runs a company called Traffic Monsoon. Traffic Monsoon is a traffic generation website based on what’s called a “paid to click” concept. This is essentially just what it sounds like – members are “paid” to click on websites that exist within the Traffic Monsoon network. Charles Scoville’s system is actually quite pertinent to expats as its’ a ready-made system to both generate income online AND have traffic driven to a website that you set up yourself for a business you’d like to run or grow overseas. The method is a bit like “advertisement arbitrage” and is sometimes looked at as a scam or ripoff, but that’s simply not the case. For expats, it can actually be a unique way to help jump-start their online presence. We’ll be touching more on the topic of earning income digitally while living abroad, so stick with us for future articles that delve deep into this topic. In the meantime, check out Charles Scoville’s main website, and also Traffic Monsoon so you can begin to understand the PTC concept. Furthermore, read Charles Scoville’s latest post about “Freeing Yourself”.

In the video below, Charles Scoville visits the UK, where Traffic Monsoon and ptc advertising methods are not seen as affiliate scams and affiliate ripoffs, but a method of earning income and promoting their sites!