Galateca Exhibition Hall And Gallery

As a tourist or traveler (and possibly even a local) you may find yourself wandering “near aimlessly” around the Calea Victoriei area every now and then. One of the Bucharest Expat team members recently “wandered” with their family who was visiting from the States. They were actually on a “hunt” for some souvenirs, and happened to walk past the front facade of the Galateca. What was visible from the outside was enough to draw one inside. The gallery is filled with groups of smaller exhibits by local artists. Everything from sculptures, apparel, paintings, and more, lined the walls and shelves of the exhibition areas. Galateca has a wonderful atmosphere and a very pleasant and knowledgeable team; there to help you understand what it is you’re looking at.

Galateca is a project created by artists, designers, architects, curators and communication specialists set out to develop exhibitions of applied arts, new multimedia art, a gallery shop that is a total novelty for the market and multidisciplinary cultural experiences, where one could get in touch with contemporary art and amazing personalities. A developing project, Galateca Gallery set out to showcase national and international design projects and original contemporary art, aiming to create valuable exhibitions of applied and multimedia art. Enjoying a very privileged location, in one of Bucharest’s finest historical buildings – the Central University Library – the gallery is situated just across the street from the National Museum of Arts.

At Galateca, the relationship between the viewer and the artwork goes before the conventional and impersonal display of fine art.

At Galateca we will be talking about Romanian artists and designers, about art in all its forms and about product design. We have much to tell. For now we welcome you to the gallery.

If you’d like to read more about the Galateca experience, visit their website now. You’ll also find a list of current and upcoming exhibitions.

As of this writing, the current exhibition is quite something; a reminder of every boss you’ve ever worked for or every CEO gracing the headlines nowadays…

The following is taken from the “Brochure” advertising this particular exhibit “Political Bestiary” –

The art of drawing is a medium which gives Valeriu Mladin endless possibilities to create an artistic and thematic universe whose language has never had the power to go beyond historical eras and geographical boundaries.

Political Bestiary, a series of ten monumental drawings exhibited at Galateca Gallery, confirm once more the author’s mastery and a refined discourse which establishes him without difficulty within the great arsenal of classical artists….

Visit Galateca for further information!