Romanian Design Week

Romanian Design Week Preview is the first event entirely dedicated to Romanian design that addresses a broad public of professionals, amateurs and enthusiasts.


Romanian Design Week domains include: advertising, architecture, digital design, fashion design, graphic design, interior design, photography, product design.

Romanian Design Week Preview will involve cultural venues, museums, galleries, design studios, design-oriented companies, hotels and restaurants, which embody the city’s creative dynamic.

Romanian Design Week Preview will set a vibrant itinerary of events celebrating design: exhibitions, installations, parties, creative conferences – Bucharest will become a stage for Romanian design.

The 2013 events will act like a preview for what Romanian Design Week will represent in the future. The 8 creative fields involved will have a showcase signed by their curators.

Romanian Design Week Preview takes place between May 17th – May 26th 2013 and most events happen in Bucharest, but can be broadcast anywhere in the world.

Romanian Design Week is organized by The Institute in partnership with Art Laboratoire Association.

We are looking forward to meeting you during Romanian Design Week Preview!

The main exhibition for Romanian Design Week – will be open starting Friday, May 17th, 6 PM, in a beautiful place: the Stirbei Palace (107-109, Calea Victoriei).

Exhibition domains: architecture, advertising, digital design, fashion design, graphic design, interior design, product design, photography. The showcases were chosen by a group of creative consultants: Adrian Soare, Serban Alexandrescu, Miloš Jovanovi?, Maurice Munteanu, Domnica Margescu, Corvin Cristian, Mihai Gurei and Cosmin Bumbutz and the exhibition design is created by architect Attila Kim.