Moving Forward For 2013

Hello Again from the team at Bucharest Expat. It has been a while since we’ve freshened up the site, but here we grow again; bringing you the information you need regarding Bucharest, Romania, and the life within, right at the click of a button. we are renovating and updating our site once again, bringing it into 2013. If you have yet to do so, you’ll want to bookmark this site in your toolbar on your browser now. Bucharest Expat has grown over the years – being one of the first few expat resources for the area around on the web. Our team has written a lot of content over the years, and have had a lot of contributors offering their stories and experiences. While we wish to remain less of a “news” source and more of a niche website, we cannot argue with our expansion. We have over five thousand subscribers to our site that receive updates and feeds into their inbox. We have been featured around the World in many well-known media outlets. We have millions of annual visitors to our sites and counting. What is the most common statement from our readers? WE WANT MORE!!!! Well who are we to argue with our fellow expats and travelers to this wonderful country? We have renewed our front page to feature a collection of “snippets” from your favorite Romanian news sources – mostly in English of course. Within this front page you’ll find everything from new cinema releases, to automobile information; expat profiles, to Bucharest’s latest corporate news. Each article is sourced, credited and dated so you know exactly when and where your information comes from. Bucharest Expat has always ranked very well in the search engines, and we’re taking advantage of that with some new up-to-date social media implementation. We’re redoing our famous Top 5 lists, and archiving the “favorite” articles that expats and travelers still click on day in and day out.

Be sure to remember to contact us ANY time if you have informational stories, news items, or promotions that will help fulfill the needs and desires of expats and travelers living, working and visiting Bucharest and Romania!