What Is Pitipoanca

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Irina says:

Unfortunately there isn’t an academic description of a “pitipoanca”, but after living in Bucharest my whole life and basically being surrounded by them since the beginning of high-school , I think I can give a basic description of a “pitipoanca”. Here goes… overwhelming makeup (clown look), bright red lips or bright pink lips, “botox” lips, hair extensions, unbelievably fake curly hair (she’ll take her time every morning and start early doing her hair with the curler so she can then impress everybody by how wonderful her “natural” hair looks. Few times you see her without it, and if she is, she’ll say she felt like having it straight) extreme tan (burnt skin, dark brown, oompah-loompah style), fake nails, fake eyebrows, fake eyelashes, eye contacts, fake boobs, ridiculous and outrageous clothes (glitter here, glitter there, rainbow look per total). Her “formal” career it’s the modeling, though usually she is under 1. 75 m and has nothing special about her other than the burnt look and duck lips, everything as fake as possible (as much she can afford of course). Last but not least she has the desire of becoming famous and getting the richest sponsor ever.

She has no real life, no personality or even a decent brain. Her brain is only meant to copy and paste what she thinks looks fashionable and glittery and that she feels can bring her money. This means she would do absolutely anything to get where she thinks she needs to be (although misdirected ambition), and due to this lack of knowledge she just follows a line without caring about the consequences. All this helps her to get where she wants with what she wants. The “acting” talent and charisma is a bonus and often times an obvious help. You’ll never see her in “simple” places, where simple, normal people go, she’ll always target fitze, expensive, “showy” places, where quite possibly the wealthy people go (expats… you’re on this list as you are all pitzi-targets). There you go… now you have the potential to make “her” dreams come true. The question is, do you think that a person with this character it’s fit for you? “It” will remain with you after you give her what she needs?

Let’s continue…. She’s usually going to the University “Romano-Americana”, or ASE in some cases (to make it more obvious what are her aspirations, yes Hollywood, you’ve guessed right) She’ll either be studying marketing or business management to prove her unborn professional sense of business to you once you are captured by her (more than obvious) implants and burnt brown legs standing on 12cm tall hideous shoes.

Using this tool, her amazing and unique life aspirations , her life purpose will be targeting the guy that will see this perfect combination and make her life a continuous paradise. If you think I’m full of crap you should go print this out right now and go to a “fitze” club and look around while reading these aspects. I’ll bet that because you’re foreign it is not going to take too long before you’ve had the first “prospect” coming over to you.

If you’re serious about dating and you would like to find somebody to like you for who you are and appreciate stuff other then your visa card and your gifts, then I don’t advise you to ever date a “pitipoanca”. They may be stupid, but they are sneaky. Their life interest (combined with experience) is to fool YOU (foreigner- men with money), then you could fall into an ugly trap. You’ll never find a serious girl in a club, stop dreaming. “Barbie Dolls” didn’t invest all that glam in themselves so you could hold their hand on bench in a park. They live in a competition with each other for who gets what “sponsor” (expat).

Sorry for the ranting, but you get the point as to what a pitzipoanca really is…

So yeah, the best shortest clearest description I can give is “Barbie doll look”.

Watch out.

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