Ferrari Of Bucharest Sales Exploding?

Ferrari of Bucharest is an “in your face” storefront highly visible to everyone going in and out of Bucharest, Romania. The large glass front Ferrari building on your way to Bucharest’s Otopeni airport is surely a proper display for Ferrari’s take on “automotive art”.

When this showroom first opened its doors a few years back, we thought they may have been a bit “looney”. Who in the World (in Bucharest) could afford, let alone justify (as if you can rationally justify purchasing a Ferrari) driving or owning such a vehicle in Romania?

Well eventually the streets of Bucharest became flooded with not just these new Ferraris, but Lamborghinis, Mercedes-McLarens, Porsche Carrera GT’s, Aston Martins, and many more exotic automobiles. Again, who would have thought.

As an avid fan of Ferrari (and a future owner of many) I was shocked to hear about a recently published article about Ferrari of Bucharest. This article stated that Ferrari of Bucharest has not only sold a record number of Ferraris since its opening in Bucharest, but they have surpassed their projections so far, that now demand is outweighing supply.

Milan must now ramp up deliveries to the Bucharest Ferrari showroom in order to meet this demand.

Why do you think this is? Where is the cash coming from for these (Bucharest) people to be buying cars? Did the marketing director for Ferrari of Bucharest maybe not place such an importance on the bribe/embezzlement source of income in Bucharest? Again, who knows.

Ferrari does indeed offer an affordable alternative now to those that can’t quite swing the 300,000-ish euro price of the ultra-premium 599 series with a thunderous front-mounted V-12 engine, a throwback to the Daytonas of days gone by. This new entry level model is dubbed the California, again reminiscent of prior legendary models. The California, a 0-60 mph rocket ship, features the first truly functional retractable hard top Ferrari has offered; not a bad deal for an entry level work of automotive art.

So again we ask, what is it that allows Bucharestians to afford such vehicles on such meager salaries? We have our thoughts… what are yours?

In the meantime, attention expats… head on up to Ferrari of Bucharest (and the Ferrari Store on Victoriei) and have a look!