Radisson Blu Bucharest Brunch

For those of you that have been with us at Bucharest Expat for a while now, you are probably very familiar with the fact that we at Bucharest Expat LOVE the Radisson Blu on Calea Victorie. From the New Year’s eve events that the Radisson has had, to the most recent event for Oktoberfest we’ve been “wowed” by the show that we received. This past Sunday was no exception. The Sunday Brunch, as a follow-up to the Oktoberfest event, seemed, from the point of view of an expat, to go off “without a hitch”. The atmosphere at the Brunch was excellent, being held in what appeared to be the largest of the restaurant venues on the ground level, The Dacia Felix restaurant not only features a large dining area, but also a massive adjacent terrace (host to the “children’s area” for this particular event) with a spectacular view of the outdoor pool area.

Aside from the top notch surroundings, the true focal point of this event was the fine cuisine prepared by Executive Chef Berndt Kirsch (yes we had to ask, he is the head of all-things food inside the Radisson) who is quite possibly the greatest chef I am aware of in this area. Once we at Bucharest Expat walked into the dining area, we were greeted by one of the most amazing buffet displays this side of any five-star event. We’ve spent our time in many luxurious “resorts” around the World; each and every one of them trying to put their best foot forward, and truth be told, this spread blew them all out of the water. Let’s go down the list of what was available at our fingertips:

Starting from the “beginning” (does a display such as this really have a beginning or an end? Do kids open their gifts one by one on Christmas morning?) of the buffet was the meat station. Positioned center stage adjacent to the mouth watering pig knuckles (a first for me) were the most delicious bratwurst (forgive me if I don’t know my sausages) I’ve ever tasted. My guess? This meat station would lure in even the most closed-minded of vegetarians. So my first “plate” consisted of nothing more than the greatest meats I’ve ever had piled high atop a bed of perfectly done sauerkraut. More please.  As one turns around in a complete circle (imagine a kid in a candy shop) you’ll be presented with the seafood station, complete with smoked salmon, halved lobster, a shrimp tower and even a raw oyster display! Not your average buffet is it? Not in the mood for seafood? How about the Asian station where you’ll be privy to some on the spot stir fry or some out-of-this-world duck pancakes? Add another plate for me please!

Once seated, we were able to relax in comfort, with some of the best food we’d EVER had, and the sounds of a live jazz band in the background. With multiple trips to the buffet in between “relaxation” breaks, we could complete our experience with a grand finale from the large dessert area, up to and including the Chocolate fountain, reminiscent of the wonderful dining experiences we’ve had at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas. This truly was five-star all the way. Great staff, impeccable attention to detail, the finest presentation (the pate was sliced, garnished and served for you) and a near perfect ambiance close the case that Bucharest Expat loves the Radisson Blu Bucharest and everything it has to offer. The best part? The coconut chicken soup. The worst part? Not having enough room in our stomach. If you have yet to enjoy the greatest cuisine in Bucharest, make it a point to drop what you are doing, and go say hello to Berndt and his wonderful creations. You won’t be disappointed. In the meantime, keep an eye out for our upcoming articles involving the Radisson, its Executive Chef, and upcoming events!