Thanks To All, Bucharest Expat Event

A big thank you goes out to all who participated in the September 16th  evening gathering for Bucharest Expat at Ofir Cafe. We had a great turnout of expatriates and foreigners at this event providing for a great mix of interests. We at Bucharest expat were wonderfully pleased with all the feedback we received on how to grow our community and better serve each other! We would love to continue this feedback regarding the event and our online resource in the discussion below…tell us what you love and would like to see more of, and don’t be afraid to “hurt our feelings” and tell us where we can improve! Remember… we are here to build a great community so it needs to be what you the reader wants!

As a side note, we’ve noticed that a lot of you are “closet” writers and even photographers which is excellent! We would love to allow everyone to use Bucharest Expat as a platform to write Bucharest and Romania related articles and stories as well as a way to share some of your photos and promote your talents (send your photos and articles to

We would additionally wish to extend our gratitude to our friends at Ofir Cafe, Citibank, Harley-Davidson Bucharest, Snack Attack, and VinoSur for their appreciation of Bucharest Expat. We hope that everyone enjoyed themselves and we look forward to seeing you at our future gatherings.