Oktoberfest Radisson Blu Bucharest

Join Us For Oktoberfest


Radisson on Calea Victoriei

When Ok

21st-24th September, 18.00-23.00hrs.  Yes, its not October, but hey!

Friday 24th is almost sold out so get booking, or contact us if you want to come on the BuchExpat table on Thurs 23rd


Beerfest, just like the REAL thing, Tirol band playing, HP beer direct from Munich, girl Dirndl outfits, guys in Lederhosen! A buffet prepared by German Head chef Bernd Kirsh,!


Bernd Kirsh, Head chef  from Germany, decided it was time for Bucharest’s first full German style Oktoberfest, yes we know, its in September!

How much

100 Ron per person for the buffet, and 140 Ron for the all you can drink option! Wow! Option beer please…

Behind the scenes

Bernd took time from his very busy day to talk to Bucharest Expat.

Bernd is an imposing character. Unmissable by his Dutch clogs, a warm smile, bright blond hair, and a huge set of shoulders! Looking after a staff of 57 cooks and 20 stewards, Bernd explained he came to Romania 3 years ago after 4 years in Abu Dhabi, where he mixed skills with Indian and Asian cuisine, his favourite meals he enjoys cooking, he added the worst, was Haggis, he struggles to cook it! He missed the Oktoberfest from years ago and decided to have his own, he started last year, and is proud of the preparation for this years event.

We wish him the best and we are certainly going!! Oompa oompa..

Sunday Buffet?

First Sunday in October, the Radisson are hosting Jazz Sundays, and presentation cooking. 110 ron, all you can eat in the afternoon, 50 Ron for under 16, and under 6 free, plus a childrens play area, sounds a great family day, and free fizzy white wine to make the jazz go down well!

We will review and report next month.