Namaste India

About the event
The festival will take place in Bucharest, 09-16 October. The main goal is to promote India in Romania through an event that presents its incredibly rich and diversified culture. The intention is to create a fascinating experience, based on interactive marketing communication, enchanting and involving all the senses and taking the audience into a fascinating trip to the colorful and polymorphic space of the Indian culture

Namaste India festival will have the highest visibility compared to any event about India previously organised in Romania.

Details of the whole event along with its schedule will be given soon 🙂 Meanwhile there is an After Event being planned.

Tickets for the closing show of the festival are now available for purchase!


“Namaste India” festival of Indian culture

October 9th to October the 16th, 2010.

The socio-cultural association InterAct, with the support of the Indian Embassy in Bucharest, Romania Indian community and Indian Cricket Club Bucharest (ICCB), organizes the “Namaste India” festival of Indian culture. The event will be held in Bucharest from October 9th to October the 16th, 2010.

The project aims to:

• promote another culture in the Romanian space, thus creating the premises of a multicultural society.

•create a bridge between Indian culture and values and the local culture, by initiating a festival dedicated to the Indian culture, “Namaste India”.

• draw attention to the existence of an Indian community in Romania and to create favorable conditions for the achievement of social communication.

The activities included in the festival promote various dimensions of Indian culture: music, literature, dance, film, cuisine, art (see festival schedule).

The event is promoted by the international organizations IBIS and UNAOC – Alliance of Civilizations.


Events, Book launches, Workshops


Saturday, October 9, 2010


Saturday, October 9th, 16:00hrs, AFI Palace, Cotroceni

With the presence of members of the Indian Embassy in Bucharest, members of the Romania Indian Community, partners and media partners of Namaste India – Festival of Indian Culture and a dancing performance by Loredana Ungureanu,choreographer of the “Shakti” (Umrao Jaan) dance group.


Saturday, October 9th, 16:30hrs, AFI Palace, Cotroceni

An event organized by the Euterpe Art Center

Presenter: Carmen Cotovanu Pesantez (director of the Euterpe Center for Art).

Participating: the students of the Hindi language department of the University of Bucharest, Romania Indian community members.


India. Writings on culture, history and Indian identity, by Amartya Sen (Nobel laureate), translated by Mihaela Gligor, Science Publishing House book, Cluj, 2010.

Saturday, October 9th, 2010, 18:00hrs
AFI Palace Cotroceni
Host: Dr. Mihaela Gligor, Scientific Researcher, Romanian Academy, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, Editor-in-chief, International Journal on Humanistic Ideology

For those who want to know more about the Indian culture, identity, history, traditions and remarkable contributions to human progress, this book is mandatory.And those who already know something about India will agree. The book is a peek into Indian culture and tradition, supplemented by a duplicate analysis, from the outside and inside, of the elements that make India so fascinating for those who live far from its charm.

Amartya Sen gives an extraordinary journey through Indian history and culture. Ramayana and Mahabharata, the Vedas and Upanishads, the great Emperor Ashoka,the Indian monks that brought Buddhism to China, the scholars of Nalanda, the cultural exchanges between India and China, the extraordinary contributions in linguistics, mathematics, astronomy, science, the decimal system, K?lid?sa’s poetry, the wisdom of Akbar, Mughal art, the genius of Rabindranath Tagore, Mahatma Gandhis piety, Satyajit Ray’s artistic representation, their very own calendar systems, economic development, industry and trade,all the different influences that came along time from the British as well as the French or Portuguese, discussions about religions and traditions of India, about the special contributions of each community to the beauty, uniqueness and unity of Indian culture as a whole,these and many other discussions about destiny and class, casts and Diaspora, partition and independence,nationalist politics or conquest of the outer space, nuclear tests or identity politics, all find their place in the pages of essays that make up this volume. (Mihaela Gligor)

DANCE WORKSHOP – What is mudra in Indian dance?

Saturday, October 9th, 2010, 20:00hrs AFI Cotroceni Palace

Presented by: Loredana Ungureanu (choreographer of the Shakti group)

Sunday, October 10th 2010


Season holidays in India, by Amita Bhose, Cununi de stele Publishing House, Bucharest 2010

Sunday, October 10th 2010, 15:00hrs

AFI Palace Cotroceni

The Chariot festival, The cradle celebration – Jhulan,agrarian rituals carried out in honor of Indra, the god of rain, the celebration of the goddess of snakes – Manas-puja, evoking the goddess of fortune – Lak?mi Vrata, thecelebration of the mother goddess – Durga Puja, Brothers day – Bhratr-dvitiya,are just some of the religious holidays which the author has outlined in order to obtain an overview of the Indian ritualism.And the data on the traditional astronomical system, the daily habits and perennial holidays completes this picture of Indian celebrations offered to us by Amita Bhose, who, out of love for Eminescu’s work, has given up everything in India – wealth,family – to live and die in Romania.



Secrets of Indian cuisine, by Sapnaa (Carmen Ciubota) Sapnaa Art Publishing House Bucharest, 2010. Sunday, October 10th2010, 16:00hrs

AFI Cotroceni Palace

Presented by: Carmen Ciubota (Sapnaa), director of Art Sapnaa Publishing House

The art of preparing food is very old in India. Some recipes have been preserved since Moghule dynasty period. The Moghuls had raised the culinary art to that of an alchemical one and the chefs guarded their secrets thus ensuring the goodwill of the sovereign.The secret is the art of combining herbs and spices.Even today there are specialists in various products in India – some are specialists in paratha, others in kulfi, kabab others – all of them keeping their secrets very well kept. We have however managed, despite the abstruseness, to gather a number of recipes that we make available to our readers, trying to introduce them into the fascinating world of exotic spices and herbs. (Carmen Sapnaa)

Culinary DEMO – Arun Kumar, Chef at the Agra Palace Restaurant

Sunday, October 10th2010, 13:00hrs

AFI Palace Cotroceni

From the city of Agra, Chef Arun Kumar brings for you the essence: the mysterious taste of India. At AFI Palace Cotroceni, Arun Kumar brings the flavor of this ancient culture transformed into genuine works of gastronomic art. Therefore, welcome connoisseurs, lovers of subtle flavors and sophisticated atmosphere!

The Art of the Sari & Mehndi

Sunday, October 10th2010, 18:00hrs

AFI Palace Cotroceni

Presented by Mrs. Simita Sinha –Indian Embassy Bucharest.

Mehndi drawings, made by Hilda Hedwig Varga, a student of the Hindi department of the University of Bucharest (drawings on skin in temporary henna. In India, henna is applied to weddings, festivals, celebrations)

Monday, October the 11th2010


Monday, October the 11th2010, 16:30hrs

Presented by: Avisek Majumdar, representative of the Bihar School of Yoga, India, founder of the Timisoara Wellness Center.

The science of yoga has a very practical purpose – to provide support for the contemporary man to face the challenges of everyday life. Yoga includes principles and practices which, when applied, help us to live more harmoniously and balanced. The workshop presents techniques that can easily be applied to improve our lifestyle.

Avisek Chittaranjan Majumdar was born in the city of Chittaranjan, near Calcutta, in eastern India. He was initiated in various yoga practices from early childhood, as part of his lifestyle. He was afterwards introduced in Mantra Yoga and Dhyana (meditation), by Gahananandaji Maharaj (President of the Rama Krishna Mission, Belur Math).

He organized wellness workshops for various governmental and non-governmental organizations and supported yoga classes for students of different nationalities during his stays in Hong Kong, Macau, Philippines, China, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Mauritius, and of course, India and Romania.

Free entrance

SEMINAR “Calcutta Stories” & Photography Exhibition(Mihaela Gligor)

Testimonials about Mircea Eliade and Maitreyi Devi

Monday, October the 11th2010, 18:00hrs


Presented by: Mihaela Gligor (Dr. Mihaela GLIGOR, Scientific Researcher, Romanian Academy, Cluj-Napoca, Romania; Editor-in-chief, International Journal on Humanistic Ideology) and Traian Penciuc.

For many Romanian readers Maitreyi is a character. Exotic, charming, like no other in Romanian literature. Inspired by reality, it is true, but covered in the skillful imagination of he who gave life to her: Mircea Eliade. Anyway we look at it, via imagination or reality, the connection between Eliade and Maitreyi cannot be denied nor overlooked. It has something special, but that’s not all. At a closer look the reader discovers “the setting”: Calcutta, the world full of exuberance and excitement … and beyond that … the Calcutta stories…

Free entrance

Conference “Indian culture, spiritual perspective”

Monday, October the 11th2010, 18:00hrs


Presented by: Yogeshwar Kartik (Tamil Nadu).

This conference will present various aspects of ancient Indian culture which is based on the wisdom of the Vedas: Sanathana Dharma – popularly known as the Hinduism.A defnition of our spiritual life as it was designed from the Vedic tradition, and in this light, an analysis of the different cultural aspects of India.

The following topics will be addressed:

* Sanathana- Dharma-ei basis, as shown in vedas

* brief introduction – the ritual side,

* spiritual foundations of the caste system,

* the four stages of life – purushartha – to evolve consciously

* spiritual education – learning from life

* questions and answers.

The entrance fee is 20 RON and it is inclusive of a tea on choice.

Reservations: Veronica Afronie –

Tuesday, October the 12th 2010

ROUND TABLE – Romanian Indian Cultural Association (RICA)

Redescovering India – on the Romanian territory

Tuesday, the12th of October , 17:00h


Partners: Ambasada Indiei la Bucure?ti, InterAct.

Host:Dr. George Anca

Programme: Dr.George Anca: “Eminescu ?i Kalidasa”; Nandkishor Pamwar: “Relevan?a actual? a limbii sanscrite”; Deepak Maheshvari: Comunitatea indian? din România; Ion Dumitrescu: Mahatma Gandhi ?i Jawaharlal Nehru; Roxana Sorescu: Vasile Voiculescu ?i India; Vasile Andru: Ananda ?i Isihia; Mihaela Gligor: Indianistic? transilvan?; Sabina Popârlan: Studii hindi în România; Carmen Pesantez: Biblioteca Indian? din Bucure?ti; Gheorghe Sar?u: Bursieri români în India; Florina Dobre: Doctorat despre Bhartrihari; Maria-Daniela Pomohaci: Problematica sistemului de caste în India modern?; Vlad ?ov?rel: Dorina ?i Sergiu Al-George; Carmen Mu?at-Coman: Amita Bhose- opere; Mihai Stan: Monografie Amita Bhose; Daniel Nazare: Bra?oveanul Johannes Honigberger; Cristian Cotarcea: Literatura în limba hindi; Alexandru Filipi: Medicina indian?- Ayurveda


Discover Ayurveda. Art of Living in harmony with yourself and the world through food, health, therapies and relaxation.

Tuesday, October the 12th 2010, 19:00hrs



Discover Ayurveda. Art of Living in harmony with yourself and the world through food, health, therapies and relaxation.

Guest: Mr. Sorin Miron

“Medical practice has gained new dimensions for me and all the knowledge accumulated over the years in conventional medicine (family medicine specialist, emergency medicine, ultrasound, etc..), and especially in the field of alternative medicine (acupuncture, homeopathy, Apitherapy, phytotherapy) found a meaning and were interconnected like a jigsaw puzzle whose final image is the joy of living.”

The entrance fee is 20 RON and it is inclusive of a tea on choice.

Reservations: Veronica Afronie –

Movie night – Housefull

Casa de Cultur? a Studen?ilor

Tuesday, October the 12th 2010, 19:00hrs

Launched:April 2010

A great comedy which should not be missed. Free entrance.

Movie night – Love Aaj Kal (Eternal Love)


Wednesday, October the 13th 2010, 17:00hrs

Launched: April 2009

A contemporary love story that takes place in London. Free entrance.


Which is your Dosha?About Ayurveda, Biorhythms and constitutional types.

Wednesday, October the 13th 2010, 17:00hrs


Guest: Mr. Sorin Miron

Ayurveda teaches us how to discover trends, understand why we behave in a certain way, why our body is structured in a certain way and even why we get sick from certain diseases.

The entrance fee is 20 RON and it is inclusive of a tea on choice.

Reservations: Veronica Afronie –

India Travel Stories by

Ramayana Café

Thursday, October the 14th 2010

Event organized by, best travel blog in Romania, award winner of the 2010RoBlogFest

Free entrance.



Thursday, October the 14th 2010, 20:00hrs


Dance, sari, henna tattoos, music, tea on the high hills of Darjeeling and Assam and many other surprises Indian influence. . in the opulent surroundings Ramayana Oriental Café.

Free entrance.

Friday, October the 15th2010

Book Launch

Raja’s Death by Shivani Singh, Taj Publishing House, Bucharest 2010 (book in Top 10 India Today) in the presence of the author, Indian princess Shivani SINGH, with a vintage photo mini-expo depicting the palace and the people who have inspired her …

Friday, October the 15th2010, 11:00hrs

United Nations Embassy

Presented by: Dana Deac, Director TVR1
Special Guest: princess Shivani Singh, author of the book.
Organizer: Adelina Patrichi

Princess at home, great literature queen, Shivani comes to tell you everything!

Official invitation.

CASA SATYA seminar

“To live among Gods”, The Indian Pantheon

Friday, October the 15th2010, 18:00hrs

Presented by:Yogeshvar Karthik

In this conference we will focus on various aspects of religious life in Hinduism and explain the major ways of worshiping the divine.

The entrance fee is 20 RON and it is inclusive of a tea on choice.

Reservations: Veronica Afronie –


Classical Indian music – sitar and table

Friday, October the 15th2010, 19:30hrs

Turya Classical (Indian classical music) is a professional band of Indian instrumental music in Romania, practicing in Tansen Indian Cultural Center, distinguished by a repertoire and a unique tone of adapting classical Indian sonorousness to the Romanian soul.

Turya Classical mainly perform from the repertoire of Indian classical songs but also devotional songs (bhajan and qawwali).

Entrance fee: 35 RON


Saturday, October 16th 2010, 19:00 hrs

Sala Rapsodia, Teatrul Ion Creanga

Gala of Indian music and dance

Artists: Turya ClassicalCarmen Pesantez, NalinyAllegrettoDansAsSapnaa,
Adina GalaniClaudia IgnatIonela PetcanaGrupul ShaktiAkhilesh AryaAlexandra Ro?u,Srishti SinhaM?d?lina Coman ?i Cristina ?erbanDiya.

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