Dominos Pizza Bucharest & Western Brands

In general, people tend to measure their success by the “brands” they can surround themselves with. We live in a very luxury-label-conscious time period, where walking around carrying a Loius Vuitton purse with big LV’s all over it is considered to be something incredible, and driving a Mercedes Benz is certainly more satisfying than driving around in Mercedes’ more reliable and economical counterpart the Ssang Yong. Yes we all know that materialism is at an all time high. Even during a crisis, when people are supposedly stashing all their bills under the mattress, it still seems to be ever more satisfying for those that need the extra emotional boost beyond the norm to splurge on luxury brands. But we’ve seen this quite a bit back home in the US or UK… how about these emerging countries?

American brands are strong and getting stronger outside the US, specifically here in Bucharest Romania. Wherever there is a Starbuck’s there is a long line of customers. McDonald’s? Forget about it… full of unsuspecting clientele. KFC in AFI mall? Probably the highest grossing restaurant in all of the food court area. Although there is a wide selection of American brands (and westernized brands) quite a few of those companies disallow franchisees or are corporate and expand at their own rate. As a result (coupled with the lack of necessary lawsuits) many people here attempt pitiful knock-offs. From American branded clothing, to popular electronic and computer merchandise, many stores around town (not only in the malls) are passing of either complete brand knock-offs, or unauthorized sales of the legitimate product. Not far behind the knock-off merchandise stores are the restaurants with a theme that represents more of an interpretation of what its name implies rather than the actual thing. Nothing like an American Pizza joint filled with ikea-esque furniture and techno dance music is there?

The main focus of this post is the “new” and/or upcoming Domino’s Pizza; probably the last attempt for an American brand to stick to its American roots, as Pizza Hut in Bucharest was incapable of doing.

The real Domino’s Pizza issued a press release today that said there is a store opening in Bucharest. (the 1st link)

The Domino’s Pizza store finder says there is a store at Sos Pipera 44B in Sector (the 2nd link)

The 4th and 5th links are sites that picked up the story.

The 6th link is a directory site that lists a “Domino’s Pizza” that has been there for a while and says it is not the US chain but pretends it is.

Let’s make some sense out of these things!