World Cup at Van Gogh!

Grand Cafe Van Gogh will host a live broadcast of the World Cup Games from June 11… Every expatriate, traveler, and local must be familiar with Grand Cafe Van Gogh in “Old Town” Lispcani by now. If not, then become familiar. This is probably one of the greatest cafes in Bucharest due to its restored architectural splendor to its “flexible-use” spaces inside which include a great outdoor terrace, a massive interior ground level bar,  a quaint wine bar downstairs, to the meeting spaces upstairs. Did we mention the cuisine and drinks are excellent? View this cafe on our Top 5 and on our visitor review article. Here’s the details on the Games:

Grand Café Van Gogh, located on strada Smardan opposite to the National Bank, offers:

Live World Cup broadcast with English Commentary (very unique)

A huge screen (2.5 x 2.5 mtr)
All the games with English commentary
80 seats with direct sight on the screen
Air conditioning
Great lunch menu and cold draft beer
A huge terrace for the after-match discussions

See You There!