Cismigiu Gardens

Bucharest Expat knows that Romania-Insider type travelers and expats are always on the lookout for affordable, worthwhile “things to do”. Recently¬†a post was sent out on our facebook account to our 1,000 friends about how great a walk through this park is. So the votes are now in, people do love the way Cismigiu Park Bucharest (Parcul Cismigiu) has “grown” and been cleaned up. The walkways are amazing, the water feature are “picturesque” and its spread out and shaded enough to make for pleasant walks. We found that the best time to go is dusk, just before the sun begins to set. It stays a little cooler of course, you bypass most of the crowds, its not late at night so the stray dogs are sleeping and have yet to arrive, and the pathways are very well lit when the sun does eventually disappear.

Once you’ve strolled through the park, you can stop for a bag of popcorn at one of the little stands for a mere 1/2 the price of the cinemas, you can rent about for a while and “pedal” around the little lake (two thumbs up on this one) or stop off at restaurant Monte Carlo for some romanian food on the terrace… at a great price. Great way to get some photos and spend a few hours of your time. Cismigiu Park Bucharest built in 1847 is one of the oldest, if not the oldest park formed in the central Bucharest area. It is also one of the largest, at 17 hectares, so finding a parking spot around its street-front borders typically is not an issue on weekdays.

While wandering around, take a look at the circular group of statues referred to as the Rotonda Scriitorilor, featured twelve famous Romanian writers.