Grand Cafe Vangogh

We’ve had more than a few searches on this site regarding Grand Cafe Vangogh. So here it is… This cafe is located in the recently renovated area of “old town” Lipscani. Cafe Vangogh sits within an impeccably renewed 1920’s multi-level building. The triple crown moulding and beautifully vaulted ceilings are reminiscent of typical belle époque architecture with a typical Parisian flair. The great part about Vangogh Cafe Bucharest is the amount of interior space and its multi-purpose use. When walking in (yes it is walk-in… no reservations needed… it is first come first serve here) you’ll be greeted by the friendly staff, the impressive bar area, and the stunning interior architecture. No original Vangogh pieces here though.. too bad. The only downside is it does get a bit crowded and the tables are cluttered together. Food is decent, not the best in Bucharest, but fitting for the venue. Pricing is on the higher side, but try ordering the cheese plate for 27ron, its great for a table of four. Great drink? Try the fresh lemonade with brown sugar. Best I’ve had in Bucharest.

Vangogh Cafe is split into a ground level, upper level and lower.. or basement level. Make a point to walk to the back of the building and go up the staircase to glance at the “business center” and meeting/conference room. Go to their website link at the bottom of this page to get rate info, as it changes. Down the spiral staircase takes you inside “the vault” which is the cozy wine room where you (at a price) can sit and enjoy great wines and cheeses.

If you’re looking for a great place to go with some friends or business associates then you almost can’t go wrong here. We’ve been there probably a half dozen times and truly not had a negative experience. Look next door at the Rembrandt Hotel as well… these are two truly nice buildings adjacent to each other.

Grand Cafe Vangogh Bucharest

Str. Smardan 9 (centrul vechi), Bucuresti

0311 076 371

A Recent Update To This Post:

In the past year, especially during the latter part of Summer 2010, we saw Lipscani surge in growth yet again. With the opening of many new restaurants (some extremely good), new coffee shops and new bars, the selection and variety of dining and entertainment options can keep you busy for many nights at a time. Although these new venues are up and running, the hot spot still seems to be Grand Cafe Van Gogh. If you haven’t been there yet this place is a must see. The interior details, fit and finishes truly are remarkable, and the wine cellar downstairs is worth a look. Go in off the streets on a cold winter day and cozy up to a warm cup of coffee, or in the summer try their naturally sweetened lemonade, you won’t regret it! Grand Cafe Van Gogh will soon be featured on our up and coming site as will the adjacent Hotel Rembrandt.