Cool Free iPhone Apps for Bucharest

Here’s two really cool iPhone (and other data phones) Apps that are going to be excellent for the travelers and expats in Bucharest… and everyone else too! The first one, our favorite, is called “Foodspotting” which is just perfect for the restaurants and cafes around Bucharest. The concept is simple (“why didn’t I think of this”). You basically go around to places and find particular “dishes” that people should try out for themselves! Simply snap a photo with your phone and upload it directly to their social networking site with a name of meal, restaurant, and its map location. This will be a great tool. You can browse by type, location, “what’s hot”, so on and so forth. Look for BucharestExpat on foodspotting. Right now there are only 3 posts in Bucharest, 2 are ours… let’s get this thing growing!

Now once you’ve downloaded and installed this app on your iPhone, go ahead and check out it’s partner site, or rather an app that works well in conjuction with this, called Foursquare. It is another social media site, but most importantly allows you to post travel or destination tips and tricks. We’ll use this feature quite often to see which detinations we can “unlock” and earn status and gain friends for networking! Be sure to look for on both foursquare and Foodspotting!