Transportation Strike Rumors

On March 18th there will supposedly be a Metro strike in Bucharest. This has happened quite often, a memorable one being in 1999 when drivers went on strike demanding the average $113 equivalent monthly salary be doubled. This time, after listening to the “rumor mill” saying everything from their will be 10,000 cars intentionally blocking the road while the public transportation lines are blocked, to the “everybody will miss school and work”, to “we wish to create another Greece”, we’ve searched various media sources to find out the “probable” scenario for this strike: It looks like what is going to happen, is that on the 18th of March, as announced by the president of the trade unions of the Metro, 4,600 employees will strike, halting the main metro line “indefinitely”. As a result of this Bucharest Public Transportation Strike, more people will be driving their cars to and from their destinations. As is already well known around Bucharest, the traffic can be miserable at times. Most of the time. So if you drive or will be planning to drive as a result of this be SURE to give yourself ample time to get to your destinations just in case. If you can take the tram or are within walking distance you may be better off. Let’s see what happens!

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