The Most Congested Cities


Well I did it again this morning. Drove in snow and traffic. Why? Because I said to myself “It can’t be as bad as I think”. Pfff… oops. Sitting in traffic for 2 hours this morning gave me ample time to reflect on the worst traffic I have ever been in before, from New York City, to Santo Domingo, to Buenos Aires, surely Bucharest would have made the list right? Nope. But here’s who did make the Forbes list lof the Worlds Most congested cities followed by some typical shots of Bucharest Traffic and other Major cities:

Manila, the Philippines


Cairo, Egypt


Lagos, Nigeria


Macau, off the Chinese coast

No picture available

Seoul, South Korea


Dhaka, Bangladesh


Buenos Aires, Argentina


Jakarta, Indonesia


Kaohsiung, Taiwan

No Picture Available

Santo Domingo, the Dominican Republic





After spending just one day in Bucharest traffic, one can easily assume that no country or no city could POSSIBLY be any worse than this… but don’t we say that ANYTIME we are stuck in traffic? Maybe it is the “chaos” that causes the added stress. When living in the Dominican Republic, the weekly trips from Punta Cana to Santo Domingo were extra-nerve racking simply due to the fact that it was hot, humid, and salty. Yuk. Public transportation was not a help here. Argentina? I lived in Buenos Aires long enough to decide that owning a car was for looks only. Walking to and from the store could be accomplished in 1/3 the time it would take to drive.