Hangover Cure… Nurofen

Those of you coming from the UK are very familiar with Nurofen, as it’s developed by Reckitt Benckiser, a British global consumer goods company. So those of you from US, Canada and so forth, you’re probably unfamiliar with Nurofen, as we at BuchExp were when we first arrived here. Well to put it simply, Nurofen is the absolute best over the counter headache, pain, fever, you name it Tylenol-ish fix-it-all drug out there in Bucharest pharmacies. Nurofen’s main active ingredient is Ibuprofen, with Nurofen Plus you get Ibuprofen and Codeine, however if you step it up a bit and go for the Cold & Flu, you’ll get yourself all of the above with Pseudophedrine as well. We Americans relate to the Pseudophedrine name in a unique way BECAUSE of the new-ish laws in place at many pharmacies where it must be obtained through a well-documented purchase through a pharmacist… no longer over the counter. Apparently too many people were using the real “Sudafed” (probably the best US cold medicine) to make illegal drugs. Soooo.. the rest of us had to suffer with “fake” Sudafed over the counter that basically had no “power” at all… couldn’t even knock out a stuffy nose.


But here you have the solution.. and the best part?? It’s only 16 Ron for 10-12 pills. The big secret here (and take this as non-medical advice please) is that Nurofen is the absolute best hangover cure I’ve ever had. After a few hours drinking at a club (tourists.. you’ll do this I’m sure) make sure you have a couple of Nurofen for your morning after. That and a great breakfast is all you need to get back on your feet!