We took a lovely stroll round Lipscani the other evening in search of a cold beer, a bit of nice music and perhaps some pleasant food, and guess what, we found all in Swing restaurant in the lower section of Lipscani next to Ohara`s..

A very smokeless atmosphere with a mixture of excellent music prompted us to stay and have another beer and order a meal. While the restaurant carries no specific theme, it does have some great “antique postcard” wall covering with old-feel laminate plank flooring, and really, really cool looking menus (bring your reading glasses though).

We deliberately ordered, for the benefit of our readers a wide range of food from Carne la borcan cu mamaliga si usturoi (pig cooked, stored in fat then finished off when ordered) very, very nice crispy pig!! Mamaliga, well I have always said it tastes like the foam seat  from the back seat of an old Dacia , but others here said it was excellent..I had Chinese chicken and was suitably impressed, the service was decent, but carried a Romanian twist. We ordered an appetizer of Brushetta, and wera caught a bit off guard when the plate came. We had asked the quantity (as there were four of us) and he told us it was an order of four. Perfect. When the order arrived, we received 3… where was the 4th one was,? as they were in triangles cut from a square piece of bread!  “aahh that’s for the next portion”… I love this place!!!!

It actually was amusing, seeing the waiter gave the worst excuse in the world.

This aside, we had a very pleasant evening, and as I said, plenty of smokers, but smoke free..

Well worth trying for a bite to eat. Also of note… check out the “way cool” upstairs which is a newly opened bar, full of nice open door rooms and cuddies, ideal for a weekend evening out, we will report more once we know!