Stuck In A Communist Elevator…


One of the things I hear people say over and over again in Bucharest is “wow… can this elevator be safe?” Well, you never really think too much about taking the stairs until the day you get STUCK in the elevator… for real.

It happened to us today. It also sounds like the punch line of a joke….”how many morons does it take to stop a lift?” well in this case apparently 5. Three Americans, one Brit, and a Romanian.

Our blatant disregard for the capacity of 3 people cost us all a half hour of our lives today. The elevator made its way down to the ground level, at which point absolutely nothing happened. The LED readout read zero with a line through it. Never seen that before.

The guard heard us press the bell, walked up to the elevator doors and acknowledged that we were indeed stuck in the lift. The only way out was with a key from the outside, as there was no release on the inside. Ofcourse. So we asked him to call the elevator company to let us out. He had no minutes on his phone. We get no reception on our phones inside the lift.

So…. after instructing the security guard to walk next door to the coffee shop, ask an employee to use the phone to call the service company to come out and let us out of the elevator at their earliest convenience, and one group iphone movie later…the doors opened. We now take the stairs. Enjoy the elevators everyone.

Expats In Elevator