Real World Crisis? Funny…


We are hearing more and more stories about the “down” economy, whether or not what’s going on around the World has affected Bucharest in any physical way other than the “implication” that we are suffering here as well. The common comments seem to be either “ah it’s all the same as it was before”, or “Bucharest is hit hard… everything is vacant and prices are dropping”. The sort of thing the latter comment indicates to me is not a “down economy” but simply that people are more “tuned in” to things that are promoted over, and over, and over again on the media. We are supposed to be noticing all these things like lower rental rates and massive price reductions. Once we notice these things that are otherwise commonplace, season after season, in pretty much every marketplace, our brain will immediately and automatically associate this with everything doom and gloom. So where does Bucharest actually stand in todays’ world marketplace?

Bucharest Expat added a new category in it’s Forum entitled “World Views” where we can all share and discuss pertinent information. Check it out… in the mean time, enjoy this web goodie about the cause of the “chaos”.