Late Night Cinema

So it’s now a toss up… as Vitan Mall has grown a customer base that is “unsuitable” for a proper movie-going experience (unless you enjoy teenage social hour), then you’re left with AFI and Liberty center for really excellent Cines. We like the theatres quite a bit, soundsystem and all in AFI, however the lines are still entirely too long. This will change over time though, as AFI is the “hot” place to be right now. Liberty Center however, has a secret (I should keep my mouth shut, but this is a scoop for the expat community). That secret is the “late nighters”. We just saw “Avatar” last night at 11pm, also now the third time we have gone to a late showing here, and the movie and the experience was great… no regrets. For 3 of us, with 2 popcorns and to “buckets” of pepsi, we were at about 110ron, including the 3 tickets, which were for a 3-D movie. Avatar was great, this is not a movie review post, but it’s definitely worth seeing in 3D.

We had probably 20-ish people in the theatre, and for the first time ever (the previous 2 times at Liberty there were a tiny few “conversations”) there was NO talking or rowdiness. Wow. maybe we can directly attribute this to these possibilities:

1. The Movie was 3D, so watching movies through strange glasses required too much attention to divert energy to talking or cell phones.

2. It was 11pm on a weeknight, the mall was “closed” at every Avatar fan was at home in bed.

3. Avatar has been out long enough that everyone who wants to see it has seen it???

4. 3D films are just out of the budget of teens so that audience migrates to the normal films?

But at the end of the day, I think Liberty is just our new number one choice for late night movies when you’re bored monday through thursday.

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