5,000 Expats, Poiana Brasov

Here’s a great way to meet some expats: Were you aware that there are currently almost 5,000 expats in Brasov on vacation and/or skiing? This was just heard on the Pioana Brasov local news today, but who knows the actual facts on that. It’s a lot of people, especially given the fact that they have narrowed that down even further to state “English Speaking” foreigners. Huh. The reason they’re there? All the amenities they expect are there, the slopes are clean and open, prices are affordable (compared to Austria or Switzerland) this year, PLUS skiing classes are being offered everywhere at excellent rates. Anyone have contact info for someone doing this?


There are a multitude of hotels available running anywhere from 90 ron per night for a small pension or B&B all the way up to 300 Euros per night for an all the stops out luxury apartment suite, again, not bad when you consider the competition. There are too many hotels for me to give a recommendation, but if anyone has a specific deal they know of that would be excellent to see. All hotels seem to have random vacancy throughout the day, so either call and book in advance or plan on doing some leg work.

Two hotels I have stayed at and been happy with as far as service, room condition and amenities, parking, and proximity to events has been Edelwiess (www.hotel-edelweiss.ro) 0268 262 194. Figure 100 Euros a night on this one.


and also Miraj Hotel, which is a bit pricer, and depending on the room you get (view the room first on this one) could be much nicer. (www.hotelmiraj.ro) 0268406535


Keep in mind that if you are okay to not be staying in the absolute center of all the skiing activity, stay on the outskirts, or in Sinaia at be closer to the 100 ron side of rental rates for a good quality “four star” hotel.

Take the train from Bucharest from Gara de Nord for around 45 ron per person and save the time and fuel if you’re up for it. Traffic can be absolutely miserable this time of year.