Limelight Piano Bar

Late one night about a week ago, some friends and I headed out to search for a “not so crammed full” place to grab a drink and listen to some music. I was really craving some acoustic guitar and vocals, that up until this evening, I was convinced did not exist in Bucharest.

Well, we wound up down a little back street popping off Calea Victoriei where it appeared as though we had “made a wrong turn”. But indeed we hadn’t. On the front of one of these little back alley buildings was a tiny staircase under a lit sign that led you downstairs to lounge called Limelight: Piano Bar (do not attempt any ascent or descent on these stairs while drunk without the proper use of THE RAILING).

Once downstairs we were greeted by a very non-crowded bar. We meandered our way towards the right rear where we had a great view of the 2 vocalists, one playing acoustic guitar, the other on an electronic piano (placed strategically behind a grand piano that served dual purpose as a bar… hence the name).

Although we were seated on comfortable red plush seating in a private corner reminiscent of all things Mafia and Godfather, the music was actually THAT GREAT that we grabbed our cocktails and sat ourselves up at the “Piano Bar” itself midway through a song by “The Police” where you would have sworn Sting himself was leading the song. Some AC/DC, Crowded House, Aerosmith, and Frank Sinatra songs later, we paid off our moderately priced tab and headed home.

Definitely a place you will see me again. Bravo to this location. It’s a shame the marketing and branding is kept such a secret here, as it truly left me with zero disappointment. Check it out.

Limelight Piano Bar

Calea Victorie nr 100

0213 150 938

0728 726 077