Swarovski Crystal Swine Flu Masks?

It was literally two days prior to this media announcement that I made a joke to my friends stating that we should “embrace” the desire for “fanciness” of locals and create faux Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabanna, and Armani print Swine Flu masks. I was dead serious. They would sell. But nobody listened …

Fast forward to today (actually yesterday) and we see the announcement of Swarovski Crystal lined swine flue masks! Well.. I was close!!!!

Now Romanians can breathe better air than their lowly peasant colleagues (we won’t tell them the big secret… that these aren’t actually “Nano Masks” so they’ll just be contracting swine flu in a more fashionable method).

The best part? These masks are “created” by a Romanian Fashion designer Catalin Botezatu, well known for his “Penis Pants”; a line of boxers/underwear and club-wear that come ready-made with a stuffed and enlarged penis area. Great for the guy who never actually takes his pants off…..


Here we have a picture of Oana Zavoranu, a Romanian talk show host and shock jock, sporting her very own crystal mask. How cute. Try not to stare whilst being “cut off” in traffic by this ultra fancy display of mini-wealth!   lol…

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