Seek Alternate Route From Baneasa

Just an annoyance that you’ll have if you’re coming into town. Forget about turning left into town after the Baneasa Airport. The tunnel construction (due for end of year completion) for some reason beyond the scope of reality has prohibited a left turn at that specific intersection, as well as ANY U-turn from there all the way to Charles de Gaulle. You’re looking at a nice jaunt to the next piata or round about before you can come back in the other direction. If you’re headed towards the center, you’ll probably do just fine, however if you’re heading towards Pipera, (or even staying at the Pheonecia) it will be a pain in the butt. If you plan accordingly you could take the bypass prior to Baneasa Shopping city and cut through the residential areas, which will then inevitably spit you out in Pipera.

For those of you that enjoy some humor, you may actually wish to drive by the tunnel construction during mid-day just to see some of the Romanian workers down on there hands and knees brushing away the concrete overages with tiny toothbrush sized brushes. I wonder why it takes three times longer than average for construction. huh