Banaesa Tunnel Finished… maybe

So we drove to the Banaesa Mall tonight, for the sole purpose of getting a Chocolate Cinnabon (7ron, 4ron w/out chocolate) and surprisingly enough the tunnel was complete. Wow. Only 2 years ahead of expectations. Surely doesn’t have anything to do with elections. No way. So here’s the funny part. After researching this “early opening” (targeted for before December 1st) it turns out that the media was on site when the first of the cars traveled through the new tunnel. The unveiling I suppose. They [media] then stayed around all day curious as to what effect this would have on “easing” the flow of traffic and traffic jams. The result? A whopping 3% increase in efficiency. LOL. The reasoning? Well, for starters, you still have multiple lanes merging and converging in to 2 lanes, both of which immediately encounter a series of three traffic lights. While you are trying to merge, you are also trying to figure out which lane you should choose altogether to either be “in” the tunnel or “out.”

We opted out of the tunnel this time, to head to the left passing the Phoenecia Grand Hotel. It was after our swing to the right around the new piata, then are left turn, that we realized the vehicles turning left are indeed limited to one lane, as the secondary lane is “parking”. So again on the brakes and cutting in between unwilling vehicles, all the while sending the domino effect of brake lights all the way back to Otopeini and beyond. Nice try Bucharest transportation dept. better keep the road designs to the 10 year olds… it’ll work better. I guess widening the road the old fashioned way was not enough of a show!