Reál Hypermarket 24hours?

Finally a supermarket (hypermarket here) that is open all hours; Real Hypermarket at AFI. If you’re at all like me, you catch yourself hunting around for shops and stores ten minutes before the city seems to “shut down” which during the work week is basically 22:00. If you’re looking for a snack, or some groceries or household items, your confined to the convenient store/filling stations that still wish to be open. Now we have Real hypermarket at the Cotroceni AFI mall, we can get shopping done when we need to (undoubtedly we have all heard about, or all been to at this point in time; If you have not, look for my next post that gets into detail about the mall itself and all its amenities). They have a website,, however I gave up trying to find an english version of it (let me know if I missed the translate button right in front of my face).

Real is roughly 13,380 square meters and is serviced by enough parking spaces to “not have many issues”. There are also registers and checkout lanes to service the customers in a timely fashion hopefully they will continue to staff all of them). Whatever you are reading about this hypermarket you’ll catch the same basic information: it’s designed for optimal placement of goods, keeping an eye on freshness, quality, and product image. Every product is itemized, organized, and categorized in an optimal way…

The long story on the “publicity details” here is that we now have a more “Americanized”, or “Westernized” supermarket that we’ll feel comfortable, as well as productive in. Whether you are at the deli counter, the bakery section, the fruits and vegetables area, or the wine section, you’ll notice that there are a bit more “service oriented” employees that make your shopping experience more enjoyable and interactive as well…. again, something more akin to the American “upper end” supermarkets.