Crime Alert: Piata Victoriei

Although you really don’t have too many safety concerns in Bucharest as a whole, there is quite a lot of petty theft you’ll want to be keen on here. From pickpockets to planned “scores”, common sense should once again prevail if you wish your personal belongings to be safe and secure. HOWEVER… there are some times when you’ll get caught off guard. Even when you think you have nothing to worry about, you should better be safe than sorry. Case in point: today we had a camera stolen from the front passenger floorboard of our parked car. We steeped away from the car (a high end luxury car.. which is a prime target as-is, se be aware) only for a few moments. We “remember” locking the doors, but sure enough, the camera was gone when we came back. Hmmmm… did we lock the doors? Did someone use a device to “unlock” the doors in a matter of minutes? Was it planned like so many petty crimes here are? Was it a random event? We’ll never know for sure. But what we do know, is NEVER LEAVE ANYTHING VALUABLE IN YOUR CAR. Basically think of an item in your car as a great big advertisement for “Steal Me Incorporated”. We would love to hear some more crime stories, not with the intention of “scaring off our readers” but with the sole purpose of education… for a better Bucharest and smarter living!