The Dubliner “Dub” Irish Pub

Attention Newbie Expats… A true “off the beaten path” experience is the ever so popular expat hangout and pub “The Dubliner”. Probably one of the first of these pubs in Bucharest, is one of the “Standards” for which a lot of the other pubs are measured. Located just away from Piata Victoriea on Nicolae Titulescu, keep your eyes peeled for the big green sign behind the trees. Although it has died down a bit since “the crisis” you’ll still find yourself in great company, whether you’re there to eat, there to watch sports, or just stopping by. The Guinness is poured as it should be, and in my opinion the food is to die for and affordable! My top pick? A pint of Guinness, The hot chicken and mushroom pie and a plate of chips with the Heinz 57 Spicy Pimento Sauce sprinkled on top. Good luck finishing the pie! It’s huge! If this is not to your taste, the menu itself probably weighs 2 kilos, so there is definitely something for everyone.

Piata Unirii is also home to the sister pub “Harp” which has a better atmosphere, but fewer expats and pricer chow.