Gyros… better than Shaorma?

Driving around aimlessly at night is sometimes the best way to find “hole in the wall” places that are a great treat. One such place we found last night, claims to be in the “top ten shaorma places in Bucharest”. Strange. Based on the signage I would guess the name to be “Sotos” however the marketing and menu I picked up simply says GYRO. So who knows. The sign in front said Gyros also. This food seems to be a notch above a “common” shaorma in my book. Located on Strada Mihai Eminescu nr. 85, is the corner hut with three hi-top tables out front. The best bet on the menu? The Gyro Mica with everything on it (including french fries (chips), cabbage, and jalapeno peppers, which is not quite a gyro… but good enough) and packed in the “arabic” wrap (basically the pita bread) as opposed to the typically shaorma wrap that’s virtually identical to a flour tortilla. This menu item will set you back 10 ron, and that’s all. Enjoy!