Bellagio Club Experience

Those of you looking for a decent club experience in a location that is slightly upscale with  decent remixes of todays dance hits as well as some interesting twists on 80’s music,  than you may check out Bellagio. htttp://

My wife and I went there last night with a friend of ours from the states. They were having a  grand re-opening party last night (Not sure why they were re-opening, maybe seasonal,  maybe due to renovations? I did not get straight answers when I inquired).

We were at Bellagio regularly last year (last December-ish) and the experience was light years  better than the experience of last night. The have moved the once impressive stage away. the  stage in now a small box centered in the middle of the bar island, as well as some strange and small upper corner stage towards the rear of the building. All areas can be seen in the club as it does have an excellent, open layout.

So with the diminished stages and degradation in the choreography, the “show” just isn’t a “show” like it used to be. Its just dancers. Male and Female dancers. I do have to give them credit last night, as one of the laminated glass sections of the stage shattered while they were dancing, but they continued on over another section of the stage without any issues or interruptions.

The show started around 1:30, however we got to the club about an hour and a half early to ensure 3 seats in a row at the central bar around the base of the stage. Getting your own table is not only pricy, but in my opinion a complete waste at this club especially, as once the club fills up your table becomes “overflowed” with non-paying patrons pushing their way through. Everyone stands up as well, so actually “sitting” on your couch at the table is great only if you intend on getting so drunk you cannot stand anyways. You won’t see any dancers. So get their early and look for me at the bar. It’s the best of both worlds. Expect to pay around 10 Ron for a beer, and double that for a cocktail. Prices here seem to have jumped a bit, which is something I can say is NOT commonplace across the club scene as a whole. All in all, Bellagio is worth the visit, you certainly will not regret the experience.

Clubul este situat in soseaua Stefan cel Mare Nr.31 [ intersectie cu Lizeanu ] Puteti cere informatii sau face rezervari la numarul de telefon: 0722 323 324