Who Let The Dogs Out?

I was just asked this question, and couldn’t help but crack a smile, as I believe I asked the same question about 2 days into my arrival a couple years ago; OMG what’s with all the stray dogs? Are they dangerous?

Here’s the deal with the dogs. People here like to own dogs, just like anyone I suppose. The difference here is they prioritize the pedigree and bloodline of the dog(s) that they own. Well, a lot of people that own dogs, also like to let their dogs “out” of the house to go to the bathroom or get some air … etc. If people own a dog with a pedigree here, they are, as result, reluctant to spay or neuter their animals as well, because, well, who knows… there may be some money in puppies down the road. When these dogs are “let out” they do what dogs like to do. The result is quite a few “un-pedigreed” dogs wandering around.

Will they attack? No. More than likely not, however once in a while there is an occurrence, usually through provocation or from a large group of dogs where “pack mentality” can set in. I am not saying don’t be careful, but of all things, don’t lose sleep over it. In the case of the dogs, just enjoy watching them look both ways before crossing the street at a “walk” sign!