Is There Variety In Food?

Dining out in Bucharest can be somewhat confusing at first, as their ten to be quite a few “hole in the wall” type places you’ll need to track down in order to get out of the “I’ve found a good restaurant so I’ll stick with it” rut. An obvious tourist spot now, but for excellent reason, is a restaurant called Caru cu Bere (cart of beer) situated off Victoriei near the big banc in Lipscani. I’ll get an address later to put up here. This is a massive gothic-ish style building thats inside decor is stunning. Featuring some of the best traditional Romanian food (no corners cut here to save on costs) at a price that definitely won’t break the bank (I’ve paid more at the food court in the mall for a meal). You’ll definitely want to call ahead and arrange seating in one of the upper balconies, but on a nice comfortable night, try sitting on the patio also.