The New Bucharest Expat Web Series Is Arriving Shortly To Romania's Capitol City...

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WIth Six Years Of Growth, Bucharest Expat Now Exceeds 1.5 Million Visitors. For 2014, We Take Bucharest Expat To The Next Level.

Bucharest Expat has been a fixture in the digital world of Bucharest and Romania since 2009. The website had a humble beginning: started by a small of English speaking expats with a story to tell and a platform to speak from. As time moved on, Bucharest Expat began to grow and take on a mind of its’ own. Bucharest Expat now spreads across a network of websites, each with local and regional appeal. All of our websites for Bucharest Expat and its’ related websites will be fully responsive. They’ll look and function great on mobile devices. From iPads to iPhones, Android to Windows Mobile, our sites will be where you need them, when you need them. We’ll be announcing our new updates in the weeks to come. We hope you enjoy!

The New 2014 Bucharest Expat Coming Soon...