Dino Lane

Engineer, Real Estate Developer, Major US Army

Hi my name is Dennis, but my friends call me Dino. You can call me Dennis. My story actually starts quite a long time ago – although I have the skin of a 20 year old some may be surprised that I’ve been around for quite some time. I was born in Sicily. Not Italy – Sicily (just to be clear). The village I was born in is actually very reminiscent of some of the villages in Romania. Sometimes I wonder if that’s why Italians travel to Romania. Homesick? But I digress… I moved to New Jersey at a very young age where I then “grew up”. I won’t bore you with my childhood stories – I’ll fast forward to when I joined the Army – the US Armed Forces. I was “shipped off” to Vietnam where I eventually became an AH-1 Cobra Pilot. I still have a picture of my “baby” on my shelf at the house. I took to the war quite well – if someone irritated me, I shot them. Seemed easy enough. I worked my way up to becoming Major. I was awarded Purple Hearts, and a host of other decorations to be very proud of.

Dino-54Once out of the military, I put my prior education as an engineer to work, and began a long career with a company called Cali Associates (there most recent name Mack-Cali) out of New Jersey. I worked my way up quite rapidly at Cali – becoming a developer of my own. I’ve got my stamp on over a million square feet of Class-A office space as well as a host of fine hotels throughout the NJ, NY area. I earned my stripes in both residential and commercial property management on a very, very large scale. No offense to Romania – but Bucharest is still small-time; hopefully that’ll change pretty quick though. Oh and not for nothing, but you may also have heard of a little place called Studio 54 – another one I had my hand in. Boy do I have some stories I could tell.

As I neared early retirement age, I began to travel. I bounced back and forth in the States quite a bit, maintaining residences in New York, Vermont, New Jersey, and Florida to name a few – but soon felt I needed a bigger change of venue. I traveled to the Dominican Republic, where I resided in an ocean front condo in Punta Cana. For those of you unfamiliar with Punta Cana, I wouldn’t recommend going there if you want a “tropical” paradise – you’re actually much better off heading to the “North Coast” of the Dominican, where you’ll find more untouched landscapes. This scratched my tropical paradise itch, but it wasn’t necessarily the place to invest, park money, and make some deals. It was however, a place where I came into contact with Dino-N-Caldwellone of the team members from Bucharest Expat. They “introduced” me to Romania. This was nearly four years ago. I’ve taken some really deep looks at Romania and like to spend the warmer months there and the colder months either stateside or in the Caribbean (sorry Romania, but I’m just not a fan of snow and ice). In my humble yet wise opinion, the prognosis for Romania seems great right now. Romania is still one of the most affordable European Countries, and while some people question the intentions of the politicians and the government, I can assure you, there are many, many worse options out there – and people know this. I’m seeking projects in Romania – in particular in Bucharest. I know the area, I know the people, I know what to expect. I hope to meet many an expat here and let’s see what happens!

Get in touch with me if you’d like. As stated above, I’m looking to make some deals, meet some interesting people, and just see what happens.

I am back and forth between cities quite often, so I’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible – of course, if what you have to say is of any interest to me.

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