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Welcome to the all-new Bucharest Expat. For those of you that have been with us for a while, thanks again! We appreciate your readership since our inception in 2009. To all of you that are new to our website, we’d like to welcome you to Bucharest Expat, which is one of the original English Speaking online resources for Bucharest written by expats for expats and travelers. Our website caters to those that wish to have an in-depth look into life in Bucharest as well as access to information that expats and travelers may seek while living in, traveling to, or working in Bucharest. We’re quite unique in that our information is written and created by expats and travelers just like you.

Yes, WE”RE FULLY AWARE THAT SOME TEXT AND LINKS MAY BE MISSING OR INCORRECT. We’ve decided to do a “Soft-Launch” of our site anyways to work out any bugs LIVE, AND to gain real-world feedback as our changes and updates take effect. We’ll be replace our “placeholder” text with actual content shortly. In the coming days and weeks you’ll see such things as new daily articles being published – stories and experiences written by expats for both expats and tourists alike. We’ll be implementing full functionality of such things as our events feeds and our expat marketplace. We’ll also be working “behind the curtain” to bring you features that we’re keeping secret for now.

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