Hackers Find Way to Outwit Tough Security at Banking Sites

Hackers of Romania need no introduction. As Bucharest Expat is a digital medium, we’re well familiar with how “skilled and talented” the technologically minded Romanians actually are. Allegedly 3 out of 10 of the top hackers in the world are indeed Romanian. Really, all you have to do is Google “Romanian Hackers” and you’ll be served up with some incredible stories of thefts, security breaches, and more. For example, USA Today featured an article entitled “US Data Thefts Turn Spotlight On Romania”, or a Bloomberg article entitled “US Agents Lure Romanian Hackers In Subway Data Heist”. So, what does this mean? Well, I suppose one could say that Romanian’s lead the world in their ability to near-flawlessly test digital security measures across the globe. The inspiration for this article came from a new article in the New York Times:  A new cyber attack allows criminals to bypass the security mechanisms at banks in Austria, Japan, Switzerland and Sweden.

Source: New York Times