Queecore Performance Bucharest

Join us for an entertaining night in Bucharest, Romania for the Queercore performance.
Tuesday, Decembrie, 6, 09:00 PM, the Club Season presents the Queercore performance at Our Evolution Club. The address is: Covaci Street no. 16, Old Center, Bucharest. We welcome you to the one person show phenomenon.

The Club Season supports young theatre artists with new ideas. If we do not encourage them to act, they will not do amazing things. They are direct, creative and forced to take risks. The exclusivity of One Wo/Man Shows has a simple motivation for us: this genre is not supported in Romania.
Queercore is the first performance in English for the Club Season.
One person show

After Jet Moon & Queer Beograd Collective
With C?t?lin Jugravu
By Mihai Lukacs

Based on an old tradition of Weimar republic cabaret during the 1920’s, Queercore presents a theatrical extravagance/political intervention/Kabarett.  We politicize queer on stage to explore and irreverently satirize militarism,  gender roles, homophobia and nationalism. On the way to the change that we want to see happening, we offer you a safe social space. We want to show how our problems connect by bringing on stage those lives that don’t fit into neat categories and clear boundaries.

Join us! After all, without an audience, there is no theatre!
And after theatre, there is dancing!