Let’s Meet In Bucharest

If you are single and looking for opportunities to meet new people in Bucharest, Romania and surrounding areas then we have some good news for you. There is a new organization in town called Let’s Meet. The idea is to make it easy for members to meet at small events in Bucharest where everybody has the chance talk, relax and have some fun. Meeting people in Bucharest, Romania has never been this great!

Anyone can register their profile at the Let’s Meet website (address below) and sign up to join the individual events that are organised. There are several types of event to allow people to attend evenings that will be of interest to them. Theses include evening themes such as …Out. During an …Out evening there are an even number of men and women that share company with each other over a three course meal spread across three different restaurants. This gives everyone the chance to interact with each other, and then blends into the Let’s Meet After Party in a central location. The other concepts can be explored on the website:


The single members of Let’s Meet are mainly Romanian, which is no bad thing as it means that you also get the chance to meet and spend time with local residents as well as expatriates. Most of the single expat males that we have ever met are more then keen to get the opportunity to meet local ladies, so this could be the way forward. Let’s Meet are keen to understand the language capabilities of all members to ensure that they can match couples that can communicate with each other, or at least speak the same language….

Let’s Meet are also looking to expand activities outside Bucharest to other cities and they already have more than 600 registered singles in Romania, 500 of these being based in Bucharest. They are looking for new members so if you have been solo for long enough, get in touch and see what life brings.

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