The Dark Knight Rises In Bucharest

How do you know when a city is going to become a global “destination”? Easy. When more and more Hollywood blockbusters are filmed there. Clearly we’re exaggerating, but it is highly likely that as Bucharest and Romania continue to get on the map for Hollywood (no we’re not talking about the “famous” Romanians that claim to be known around the world – come to find out their only world is within the confines of Bucharest). Wesley Snipes came into town a while back and made what would be considered for locals a rather big splash, as did Nicolas Cage for the filming of the second installment of Ghost Rider. The latter wasn’t such a big deal until Mr.Cage decided to cause a street altercation in the center of Bucharest. It is hard to tell if these celebrities are coming to Bucharest to film a movie or act like bafoons – likely both.   So what’s next for Bucharest and Romania on the Hollywood agenda? The new Batman. Batman The Dark Knight Rises is a go now for filming throughout various locations in Romania. It is almost fitting in some way, shape or form that Bucharest be home to Gotham City for some time – although what is more likely is that Bucharest will be unrecognizable as Bucharest to all but those who know it intimately. Will Christian Bale’s arrogant “prickish” attitude be welcomed here??

Many political figures in Bucharest and around Romania have given the “affirmative” that Christopher Nolan’s new installment of the Batman saga will be filmed throughout multiple locations of the Country. Of course this means nothing other than they wish to acknowledge that they have “important and desirable information” so only time will tell whether or not filming will occur.

Rumor has it the the first round of filming will occur at the Salina Turda Salt mines. One of our Bucharest Expat Team members recently went on holiday to the mines – and you can read about the experience at Salina Turda here. While some say it would cost exponentially less for Hollywood to simply assemble a “mock” cave at the studio rather than ship the crew and all to Romania that may not actually be a fact. Using this existing “Bat Cave” which is located a mere 40 kilometers from a major highway and logistical hub may not actually be that far fetched an idea after all. If you think about the practicality of such a location for the purpose of Batman; either the Batcave or some evil villains’ lair – then this location is near perfect. The climate within the “caves” are a constant 11-12 degrees celsius with a 75-80% humidity. The humidity levels are a bit high – but still suitable for proper filming.

Additionally, Bucharest itself was targeted for some shooting. It doesn’t take long to guess where they’ll be filming in Bucharest – The People’s Palace and Centrul Vechi (Old Town Lipscani). At this time what will be filmed in these locations is only limited by our imagination. As the People’s Palace (especially the tunnels beneath) is a truly unique landmark – and Lipscani could be “medieval” village Anywhere – who knows if this will be “set” in Bucharest or somewhere else. Filming is said to begin Mid-Spring so keep your eyes and ears opened!