Colin Lovering – A Bucharest Expat And Contributing Writer

Hi Everyone, my name is Colin Lovering and I’ve been kindly asked by the Bucharest expat team to share with you on a bi-weekly basis some of my funny and disastrous experiences as well as my general observations about Romanian life, culture and politics through the eyes of an expat.

I’ve been living in Bucharest for well over three years now and pride myself of having a very sarcastic humour as well as a passion for Tottenham Hotspur football club!

I expect my blogs to amuse you, irritate you and even make you scream on occasions and i hope to receive some healthy feedback too.

I work as a motivational trainer/coach with businesses and individuals in Romania and have a real honest passion for this country which often spills over into ranting and relentless pontificating on occasions so apologies in advance.

Thats it!….. keep your eyes peeled for my first contribution next week. Until then, take care

– Colin

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